Flower arrangements

Flower arrangements are one of my favourite things ,when decorating.They add that perfect finishing touch.
They add soo....much of energy ,life and colour to the room.The best flower arrangement should have a good combination of flowers and texture.You can make an arrangement yourself if you can follow a few rules.
  • Firstly put your greenery in the vase ,this will old the flowers in the right position.
  • Secondly make sure you remove the bottom leaves and cut the bottom of the stem at an angle,this will make your flower arrangement last longer.
  • Next ,add flowers...while placing the flowers in the vase think in odd numbers.Odd number of flowers looks better than even numbers.Start of with the tallest flower ,this will give you an idea about the height if the arrangement.
  • Now add the filler flowers ,they are shorter and fill up the empty spaces in an arrangement.Check out this one ..Flower arrangement
    im sure it will help you out.

all images from http://www.bhg.com,www,save-on-crafts.com/


Sangitha said...

great flower arrangements!Thanks for those small but useful tips.will definately remember to use them.My heart goes out to the first and the sixth pic.

Homekrafts said...

Thank you sangitha

Remya Raman said...

I love flowers. The flower arrangements are so beautiful. I must say awesome.

Homekrafts said...

Thank you remya.