The other day i saw these chocolate panettones baked in folded paper cases on wild yeast blog.
I just love handmade stuff and i knew i had make these cute lil baskets.You can find  detailed instructions on how to make these origami baskets here.

I used 13 cms x 20 cms baking paper.

Firstly mark the center of the longer side ( at 10 cms)(you can also mark the center of the shorter side and continue with the rest of the steps to make a longer basket)

Fold the two sides towards the marked center point.

Fold the corners(as shown in the picture) towards the center,leaving almost 1 cms from the center line.

Repeat this for all the 4 corners as shown in the picture.

Now fold each 1cms flap upwards .

Press the side to form a sharp corner after insert your thumb into a corner as a guide.

Repeat this with the rest of the corners.

I used these baskets to make egg less carrot cake !! They make perfect christmas/new year gifts!!!

Sending this to Tutorial Tuesday event at Hope studios